Payroll Services

Payroll Management plays a crucial role in every organisation whether it might be small business or large companies. Without having a proper payroll administration can lead havoc to management in maintaining and paying workforce and face issues in labour law compliances.

Administration of payroll not just involves paying salaries every month but more crucially to adhere to various laws governing the employment system in force in the Central and particular operating State.

We provide cloud and non-cloud based payroll service to SME sector.

What we offer:

  • Payroll outsource services to SME sector.
  • Assist in formulating HR policies, preparing and issue of appointment letters.
  • Assist in creation and maintenance of employee database
  • Assist in formulating salary structure for new joins.
  • Process monthly payroll register, disbursement the payment, generate and issue payslips.
  • Assist employees in filing investment declarations for income tax, calculating TDS of employees and clarify employees on tax matters.
  • Generate and issue Form-16 to employees annually.
  • Take all responsibilities of ensuring compliance under ESI, PT, PT, LWF such as maintaining employee wise contributions, depositing dues with department on time, preparing and filing of respective returns.
  • Advise on applicability and compliance of various labour laws based on number of employees and location.

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll:

  • Saves time and money in purchasing appropriate payroll software.
  • Reduce need for in-house trained Payroll Staff.
  • We offer services at the moderate rates as compared to any other in the market.